Tube ring

Extremely minimalist rose gold and flawless rose morganite ring.
585 rose gold and subtile rose morganite.

240 €





Minimalist ring

Minimalist 925 brushed silver and cylinder b/w flint ring.

60 €





Japanese Garden

Unique and outstanding, just as well as surprisingly comfy to wear. Inspired by Japanese landscapes and its austere culture.
925 brushed silver, stalactite, horse hair, flint.

160 €





Enamel and silver Depth ring

Inspired by underwater lanscapes this one of a kind handmade silver ring seems like a small piece of coral reef on a hand.
925 silver and enamel. To be worn with care, enamel is similar to glass surface and is at times fragile.

120 €






Unique and one of a kind rough and shiny Ozone ring.
Oxidised 925 silver and faceted clear quartz.

220 €




Iceberg ring

Iceberg Ring

Inspired by Northern lanscapes.
925 silver and clear quartz.

150 €




Rutile Iceberg ring

Rutile Iceberg ring

Iceberg ring version with subtile hematite inclusions.
925 silver and rutile quartz.

150 €





BlueTriangle Ring

Pure shapes and some findings from the sea.
925 silver and sea glass.

90 €




12489466_1188523297841949_3080494648613939699_oDepth ring I

Coral interpretation.
Tagua seed and 925 silver.

90 €




12377623_1175372852490327_5839198770128763350_oDepth ring II

A miniature of underwater landscapes.
925 silver and faceted quartz.

119 €




858166_1175385242489088_4708958873330940825_oDepth ring III

Underwater meadow.
925 silver.

90 €




Aqua ring

Aqua ring

Crystalised sea water and nothing more.
925 silver and rough aquamarine.

140 €




Ice Cube ring
Ice Cube ring

Piece of ice. Sold separately.
925 silver and fluorite.

140 €